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Dedicated Server Hosting in Australia


Having your website down for even only a few minutes can result in the loss of several potential sales

But even worse, it can damage the reputation of your business. For websites that receive large volumes of traffic, dedicated servers are the perfect choice for guaranteeing the proper amount of speed and reliability that your online operations require. Whether you run a large scale eCommerce business or any other kind of website that experiences heavy web traffic, a dedicated server ensures that a sudden surge in activity results in to costly down times for your organisation.

That’s where Hosting Australia comes in. Our comprehensive SSD dedicated server solutions mean that you never have to worry about your website being too slow or completely inaccessible, with an 100% uptime guarantee that means that we’ll pay you should you experience any down time for even a minute. Employing the most cutting edge technology, we offer you a superior level of service, taking care of all of your needs from migration right through to hosting. Find out why we are regarded as the best in the business below.


Our dedicated servers protect your reputation

It’s not just websites crashing that negatively affect the way customers view your website — and by extension, your business. Even a slow and laggy website can be just as disadvantageous for your business, given the tech-savvy yet impatient consumers that are shopping in the increasingly competitive nature of the online marketplace today. Don’t lose sales to your competitors because of a website that cannot handle high or unexpected volumes of traffic, and sign up to dedicated server hosting in order to ensure that your website is not incapable of keeping up with the demands of your business.

Dedicated servers are a superior choice because they are dedicated to you and you alone. In contrast, other options present a less stable option because the speed and dependability of your website can be affected by a sudden surge in traffic from another website sharing the same server. And only you have access to your own server, making it a much more secure option.


What makes Hosting Australia the best in the business

Australian servers for Australian businesses. Alongside our commitment to guaranteeing 100% uptime for your website, you can rest assured that we provide your business with the ultimate security with our Australian based servers. Using SSD dedicated servers, we offer unrivalled speed and performance.

Browse through our range of dedicated server plans, and get in touch with a member of our team in Hosting Australia to discuss your needs and find the best solution for your business today.